10 Signs of Kidney Damage You Need to Watch Out For

10 Signs of Kidney Damage You Need to Watch Out For© Pinterest

Shockingly, more than thirty million Americans have kidney disease, but what’s even more shocking is that most of them don’t know it.

We live in a very busy world where we get lost in small or big endless daily circles, aka routine, which makes it incredibly easy to neglect what your body is trying to tell you.

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This is dangerous because the lack of communication, as well as response, to the signals your body sends you can have drastic consequences on your health and well being.

Here are 10 signs that your kidneys are not really doing well. Check out our full list through the next pages



  1. Yes I am having using the restroom not with peeing but with releasing myself with my bowls sometimes my stomach hurt but most of time my rectem will not release and I can’t go but if I pass gas by the way witch is very hard to do then I can release myself am taking the med my doctor has asked me to take and in the morning when am headed to work I feel fine but when I go to bed at my stomach and my rectem really bothers me to where I can’t sleep and I have to use the restroom but I can’t go like it be so much gas in me until it hurts so I would have to just there for sometime over a hour but once I pass gas if I can than it comes right out and I feel relieved

    • My first response to you Carl, disappeared before I finished so here I go again!
      #1 Take a 400 mg. capsule of Magnesium before you go to bed. It will make you empty your bowels in the morning. I use Nature Made brand. #2 If your stools are hard to pass, make sure you’re drinking or sipping water through the day. #3 drink a mixture of yogurt that has live cultures; with orange or fruit juice mixed in, this will help with stomach and digestion issues. I used to have your problems and these solutions have fixed it. Good luck!