10 Shocking Brain-Damaging Habits You Need To Stop Now

10 Shocking Brain-Damaging Habits You Need To Stop Now© pexels

Not only your brain is the most important organ in your body but also a very important part of your being. It is the main security control center for each and every function that happens in your day-to-day activities starting from regulating your hormones to breathing, heart beating, coordination, critical and creative thinking, emotions and much more.

Therefore, the human brain carries much information and has an endless list of responsibilities and any possible damages no matter how small they are can interfere with its function and that of other organs in the body.

However, to promote your brain health and boost its energy, the World Health Organization urges you to quit these most common 10 dangerous unhealthy practices that harm and damage your brain.



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Boredom doesn’t only affects your emotions but also affects a very important organ in your body which is your brain. Without any intellectual or deep brain stimulation, your brain will very simply shrink. Scary, right? Well, this is not a joke.

If you don’t use your brain and you don’t try to stretch it with new thoughts such us retaining memories and making new connections, your brain won’t be able to make any improvement, therefore, will atrophy to accommodate your lack of effort to learn and discover new things.

Neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to think in different ways and a powerful tool with which you can improve your brain’s function.

No breakfast

No breakfast


If you have the habit to skip your morning breakfast, this might change your mind! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and no one can argue about this universal truth. Moreover, it is the first meal you take after a long night without eating.

This means it is that meal that feeds your brain and whole body and gives them the energy needed to start the day. So, now you know well what your mother used to nag you about! Not taking your breakfast can cause lower blood sugar levels, slow down your metabolism, and lead to your brain’s dysfunction as a result of the insufficient supply of nutrients.

In addition to feeling all the day lazy, weak, and unable to accomplish your daily tasks.According to a Japanese study, people who have the habit to skip breakfast are more likely to suffer from hemorrhage.

To enhance your brain’s function and promote your overall health, adopt a new healthy habit nutrition that contains all of the valuable and essential nutrients that can save your brain from any possible damages.

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  1. Have not managed to get to the complete list of recommended fruits nor to get all ways keep brain healthy – got 1. Don’t get bored(unlikely), don’t go without breakfast(would never do that – addicted to food!!) Didn’t manage to find rest of list! Help please!! Going to check my email now.

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