10 Reasons Alcohol is the Most Dangerous of All Drugs

Almost 87% of Americans will drink alcohol at some point throughout their life, with 70% having at least one drink per year.
Meanwhile, in England, about 69% of men drink at least once per week.

Well, what’s not to love about the relaxing and mood-boosting effect of a couple of beers? Actually, it’s not that simple.

We are all aware of the dangers of alcoholism but what you probably don’t know is that alcohol has turned out to be more damaging than what you think, even more than all illegal drugs.

Check out the data and you’ll no longer think of getting drunk as an amusing diversion, but more as a frightening nightmare instead

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    • You don’t consider stimulants and depressants drugs? I would think anything mind and body altering would be a’s just in liquid form…

  1. I’m 63 years old I’ve drank beer since I was 16years old, probably around a 8 pints a week, over a period of four days with the odd small glass of wine thrown in. I enjoy a few pints and have all my life, I can’t recall it having done me any harm , or is this just aimed at people who abuse drinking, I wouldn’t have thought my consumption was I’m this category?

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