10 Plants that Have the Best Healing Powers in the World

1. Red Yeast Rice

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Red yeast rice can be used to lower cholesterol levels. According to a UCLA study, individuals who consumed red yeast rice supplement for 12 weeks had decreased levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) as well as total cholesterol, while HDL (good cholesterol) remained unchanged.

What actually happens is that the red yeast (also called Monascus purpureus) would restrict the active enzyme that the human body normally uses to produce cholesterol. On the other hand, prescription drugs work by using the active ingredient found in red yeast rice and that is similar to the drug lovastatin.

In case you suffer from high cholesterol levels, you should consider trying this natural remedy of red yeast rice. You can choose to eat it or take it in a supplement.



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  1. I have concluded that Echinacea is an immune SUPPRESSANT, AS OPPOSED TO AN IMMUNE BOOSTER. It can prevent the body from responding to infections and should be avoided unless a decongestant is needed. It’s an excellent drug for congestion, but should be taken seldom and never for long. If you want to know why I think this let me know. Meanwhile, cautions are advised.

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