10 Of The Most Common Diabetes Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

#1 – Unintended Weight Loss


Unintended weight loss© Pinterest

While losing weight without making a remarkable effort can be such a great blessing for so many people, sometimes it can also be a hidden warning sign that may reveal that the pancreas is not working properly. In fact, a sudden and unexplained weight loss may be a sign of diabetes.

However, it’s good to note that weight loss can also be a very effective way to manage diabetes and control it! In this case, losing about 5% of your body weight may reduce your risks of developing this life-long condition.

#2 – Leg rashes


Leg rashes© Livestrong.com

If you can’t explain why small and round spots are appearing in your legs, then, you might need to take a trip to your doctor’s office. In fact, those spots might not always be as a result of a dull razor you have used, rather a sign of more serious health issue such as diabetes.

These spots are known as diabetic dermopathy and they are found to appear in more than 55% of all diabetes diagnoses.