10 of the Most Amazing Health Benefits of Marijuana

Nowadays, things are definitely changing in regards to marijuana policy in our nation. So far, the use of cannabis has been completely legalized in 8 states for both medicinal and recreational purposes, in 12 states for medical marijuana and decriminalization laws, in 13 states for psychoactive medical use, and in another 13 for non-psychoactive medical purposes. And the green movement marches on.

However, the US Federal Government still defines Marijuana as a psychoactive substance with no documented medicinal value. Cannabis is actually an extremely tricky plant to study but some of the most reputable and renowned scientific research institutions on the glove have discovered numerous great health benefits of marijuana.

We’ve compiled the best research out there, bearing in mind that new studies are constantly emerging and definite evidence remains puzzling. It should also be noted that we are only reporting various research as it is and that we do not promote the use of any illegal drugs.

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Check out these 10 amazing health benefits of marijuana