10 Hidden Bathroom Dangers You Need to Watch Out for

There is absolutely nothing more relaxing or glamorous after a long day at work than diving into your little pocket of the sea and let the bubbles help you get away from everything momentarily.

Filled with an everlasting, fresh, and pleasant aroma and enlightened with a magical glow of candles, your bathroom is like a fairy tale oasis, or maybe this is how you see it!

What you would never believe is that your bathroom could be potentially hazardous. Surprised? You definitely think that how could it be even possible when I spend extra time cleaning it?

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As I walk you through these 10 of the most common hidden dangers present in your bathrooms, I’ll also suggest how they can be remedied



  1. I have just been reading your blog on 10 Hidden Bathroom Dangers.

    It’s fine telling people not to buy recycled toilet paper, but you should say what BPA is, as I for one, even as a retired nurse, have no idea what that stands for!