10 Foods You Should Never Put in Your Freezer


Have you placed one or more of these foods in the freezer? Uh oh!

Keeping food in the freezer can be the best way to make it last longer, but not every food can handle being frozen or can hold up after being defrosted.

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Today, we offer you a handy list of the foods you should never ever place in the freezer, unless you want to find some very unpleasant surprises which you won’t be able to touch, smell, or even look at.

#10 – Dairy Products



Not all dairy products can handle being stored in the freezer, as some of these products can become watery and lose their texture and rich taste if left in the freezer. For example, Freezing sour cream will make it separate, which is simply gross. However, you can still freeze high-fat cream, whipped cream, and cream with sugar.

Also, you can freeze cheese, but only the variety that contains more than 40% of fat. Milk can also be frozen but only if it wasn’t removed from its original container. Although it’s not the best idea if you want to drink it straight because it will turn lumpy when thawed. But if you want to use the milk in cooking, thawed milk can do well.




  1. I was looking for things you mention and you didn’t , what ten foods should I not put in the freezer, I mistook it for the fridge, I know about milk and that is all what should I have commented on.?