10 Deadliest Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are not only unbearable tiny vampires, they are also one of the most dangerous creatures in the world. They are the reason of many both minor and deadly diseases.

The US Center of Disease Control had announced that over 1.5 million people worldwide lose life, every year, due to mosquito-borne diseases.

Check out the 10 deadliest diseases caused by mosquitoes !

10. Dengue Fever


Dengue fever is known among the people who live in tropical and subtropical climates, and is one of the most dangerous diseases caused by mosquitoes. Dengue mosquitoes multiply in our body’s cells

which causes extreme fever, headache, rashes and joints pain as the main symptoms. The mosquito responsible for this disease is called Aedes mosquito. There is no efficient medications and treatments available so far for this disease.