This Is The Most Effective Workout For Lower Back Pain

#1 – Position 1

Position 1© Brightside

Sit on a chair with a straight back, bend your knees perpendicular to the floor, and then:

1. Put the affected leg on the other one (the affected leg must be parallel to the floor)

2. Grab your calf with both of your hands.

3. Slowly, bend forward as low as you can while using the upper leg as support.

4. Drop your hands downward.

5. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

6. Return to the very first position, SLOWLY.

7. Do it again using the other leg.


#2 – Position 2

Position 2© Brightside

Lay on your back with your legs flat, take a deep breath, and then:

1. Raise the affected leg until it is 90° with the floor, then bend your knee.

2. Put the hand of the same side on the bent knee.

3. Hold your ankle with the other hand.

4. When you feel the muscle stretch, hold the position for 30 seconds.

5. Spread your legs back on the floor, and then do the same exercise with the other leg.