This Is The Most Effective Workout For Lower Back Pain

Workouts are the best way to fix any health issue, and this one will take only 5 minutes from your day and it will be as effective as you hope. Lower back pain is very annoying, uncomfortable and, well, painful.

There are many factors that could lead you to experience it and the only case you should be concerned is when the pain is a symptom of a serious body dysfunction. Otherwise, it will only be a result of sitting uncomfortably for a long time, lifting up something heavy, making an abrupt movement or overstraining the muscles.


Workouts are better solutions for these cases than medicine, especially if the pain is unbearable and runs down your leg into your foot. Of course, it is best to check with your healthcare provider.

But if you are positive that it hurts because of a “normal” reason, then it won’t hurt to try this 5-minute workout that will absolutely relieve your pain. It is very simple and also recommended by doctors.

First, you have to know this:

– This workout aims to release the cramps out of the muscles that irritate the sciatic nerve.

– You should hold each position for at least 30 seconds.

– Don’t force this workout on yourself and do it slowly.

– In case the workout caused a severe pain, it is best to stop and visit your doctor.

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