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The 30 Best Shoulder Exercises Of All Time

#6 – Dip

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Putting your palms on a chair, you go down on a sitting position and make a suspension. You pull up and down. This helps to twist the shoulders and makes it strong.

#7 – Push Press

Push Press
It is the power house. It makes the shoulder gain toughness and focus.

#8 – Bent Dumbbell Raise

This is done with both arms, lifting the dumbbell at the same momentum. This helps to put pressure on the rear delts that carry the load. It is very versatile.

#9 – One Arm Cable Lateral Raise

This impact greatly on the middle deltoids of the shoulders. The shoulder muscle is strengthened by its targeted mass.

#10 – Standing Dumbbell Fly

You stand with your two legs and arms apart. You then lift the dumbbell to your chest level at 45 degrees. This attack the targeted areas with direct impacts.

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