Here Are The Exercises That Will Decrease Your Chronic Pain

#1 – Build strength

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The exercises that build your strength can develop your muscles, stabilize the joints, and protect the skeletal system from any injuries and damages. Technically, everyone would benefit from these exercises, especially that they can improve your sense of balance and posture.

Hip exercises, back muscle development, and gaining abdominal strength are important to build a strong core, so here are the best two exercises to try:

Dead Bug
On your back, try to lie down with your hands extending up like you are reaching for the sky. Hike with your feet up into the air, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, and then draw your belly button down to the direction of your spine to activate your core. If you want to help yourself, catch your feet with your hands.

Leg Lifts
First, you need to kneel on your wrists and knees, bring your shoulder closer to your body and extend the neck. Meanwhile, you should engage your entire core like the previous exercise. Extend one of your legs, lower it for just a second, and then lift it again. You don’t need to lift it too high because you may end up hurting your core. Repeat this exercise ten times on both sides.

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