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Abs Workout #1: The Best 6 Exercises For 6-Pack Abs

As a Pro.Bodybuilder, I’m getting a lot of questions about how to build shredded abs. My costumers want to know the best core workouts, what should they eat, and how to focus on training for best results

Workout Summary

Main Goal : Abs
Workout Type: Burn Fat
Training Level: Beginner
Days Per Week: 2
Equipment Required: Barbell, Ab Crunch Machine
Target Gender: Male, Female

Workout Description

To help you complete your own purpose for a strong six-pack, I’ve gathered and answered my costumers’ by giving my favorite abs workouts. Here we go!, Use these 6 abdominal exercises to effectively build a strong six-pack.

1. Barbell Side Bend


Barbell Shoulder Press4 Sets | 20-25 reps | 30s break
Keep your back straight and your head up , and bend slowly to the right as far as possible , then back to the initial position and bend slowly the left as far as possible .



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