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11 Best Easy Exercises to Ease Knee Pain

If your knees ache, exercise is your best medicine. There are multiple very useful exercises to help stabilize the joint and reduce the pain, as well as strengthen the ligaments and muscles supporting knee joints and lower chances of injury.

To truly benefit from these exercises, it is important to follow the instructions and techniques correctly.

Here are 11 exercises for anyone with bad knees :

#1 – Warm Ups


It is necessary to properly warm up before any exercise, and it’s even more important if you have bad knees. When you warm up before exercise, you improve your blood to that area which reduces muscle stiffness, making exercise easy and minimizing chances of muscle sprains or injury.

Before starting your knee exercises, make sure to warm up by doing some static stretches or brisk walking for about 20 minutes, in order to prepare your knees and you body for more arduous exercise routines.


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